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Part A” is the compost tea base. Part B” is the food for the live organisms.

The system uses the following ratios:  4 parts A : 1 part B  by weight 

You may use “Cup Volume” although weight is more accurate.


PART A  : Compost                               

5 Gallon brewer uses   .25 lb.  (4 ozs)                             or 1 Cup

8 Gallon brewer uses .4 lb.   (6.4 ozs)                             or 1 2/3 Cups

13 Gallon brewer uses .65 lb.  (10.4 ozs)                        or 2 2/3 Cups

30 - 200 gallon systems use .375  lbs per 10 gallon     or 2 Cups

250 and above systems use .266  lbs per 10 gallons


PART B : Activator food.                      

5 Gallon brewer uses .0625 lbs  (1 oz)                             or  1/3 Cup      

8 Gallon brewer uses .1  lbs or ( 1.6 ozs)                         or  1/2  Cup

13 Gallon brewer uses .1625 lbs or (2.6 ozs)                    or  5/8 Cup

30 - 200 Gallon systems 1/8 (.125) LB per 10 gallons       or   2/3 Cup

250 and above systems use .066 lb per 10 gallons

Combined A & B :

5-200 gallons   :    1/2 lb per 10 gallons of water.

250 and above:     1/3 lb per 10 gallons of water

CHLORINE:  If you use city water, your water most likely has chlorine in it.

Chlorine is designed to kill bacteria and microorganisms, and it does a good job at it.

To eliminate the chlorine, run your air pump for about 1 hour before adding the dry tea or add Humic Acid at a rate of about 1 oz per 10 gallons of water.


You can not make the tea too strong; it will not harm your plants.

Using a commerical brew bag, or you may use anything as simple as nylon stockings. (The perfect mesh is 400 microns.) Put both products in the bag and secure the tie string.


Simply hang the bags from the clip that is attached to your lid. The bags will float for a short time and then will sink. Brew your tea 8-36 hrs before use. The longer you brew the high the dissolved PPM (parts per million) will be. The tea should have a nice soft brown color and have a layer of foam on top. A PPM meter is useful by taking a reading of the water before tea is added then note the increase in PPM's during the brew cycle. The normally darker the brew the stronger it will be. The brew will start to lose it’s effectiveness after about 3-4 days of brewing. SO! Brew it and Use It.


If the bag opens there is no problem with the brew.  The Synergy Compost Tea material is very good mulch. It will actually enhance the properties of the tea. You may pour it directly on your plants with no problem.



Synergy may be diluted or used as full strength.  To establish the new organisms, we suggest that Synergy be used at full strength 1-3 times. For continued applications, foliage spray or root drenching you may dilute 4 parts of water to 1 part of Synergy.

For lawn spraying maintenance dilute 10 parts water to 1 part Synergy.


Questions?  Call us at 707-535-0599

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